Tera Track - Track maintenance schedules
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Keep Your Vehicles
well maintained and
fully operational
Terra Track - Less vehicle downtime
Less vehicle
Receiving an advanced notification to schedule an appointment for replacing a specific equipment will enable managers to reduce the time wasted at the car repair shops, respectively avoiding the disruption of their operations
Terra Track - Better fuel economy
Better fuel
Properly maintaining a vehicle will help save up on fuel consumption
Terra Track - More mileage on warranties
More mileage
on warranties
Make sure you have accurate vehicle records on hand in order to get the most out of any manufacturer’s guarantee, not just on new fleet vehicles but parts too
Terra Track - Preventive maintenance
Your service department will be able to take the best care of your vehicles using early warning systems that will help them detect potential problems and provide a more accurate maintenance service
The maintenance tool will enable you to setup a vehicle maintenance schedule to remind you of the following vehicle services:
  • Oil Changes
  • Engine Check
  • Tire Rotations
  • Warranty Expirations
  • License Renewals
  • Preventative Maintenance Routines
  • Keep a Record of all Past Service History