Tera Track - Task management
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Easily manage your
drivers and field workers
Live Chat
  • Simplified team conversations
  • Instantly receive additional information requests from your drivers
  • Exchange signatures and other information on-the-go
Tera Track - Task Management Live Chat

  • Create and assign tasks to drivers and field workers with ease
  • Send clear and detailed information about the tasks
  • Update schedules and routes while drivers are on-the-go
Tera Track - Task Management Assign Tasks

Proof of
  • Employees can transfer the customer’s electronic signature using our mobile tracker app
  • Receive status updates in real-time
Tera Track - Task Management Proof Of Delivery

  • Receive an instant notification of any delayed or failed task
Tera Track - Task Management Overdue Date

  • Seamlessly retrieve the correct information about the right person at the right time. You can easily access your report history to analyze both failed and completed tasks
Tera Track - Task Management Reports

  • Choose your favorite navigation interface to display your route directions via our mobile app integration
Tera Track - Task Management Delivery Address
Every detail
to get the job done
Your staff will have all the information they need to successfully complete their tasks, from the GPS location, the client's information, to additional instructions & notes