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Founded in 2002, Softcom LLC is a leading registered provider of state-of-the-art GPS tracking, live monitoring, fleet management and software development services. Headquartered in Delaware USA, Softcom LLC operates all over the world and holds an acclaimed subsidiary known as “TeraTrack”.

With almost two decades of experience, we have successfully become a frontrunner in the GPS software engineering and IOT field and have expanded our business to cover all GPS and Technology-related demands. We now provide the best-in-class comprehensive GPS tracking services using avant-garde technologies, and have become global pioneers in implementing fleet management, school bus management, personal tracking, animal tracking, AI and IOT, construction and Transportation.

Our unmatched expertise and credibility in delivering high-quality GPS tracking services has enabled us to gain the trust of numerous globally renowned companies and uphold a diverse client base with over 92000 satisfied clients from various industries, ranging from Banking and Finance, Healthcare, Telecommunications, to Retail, Manufacturing and Engineering.

In addition, we have leveraged our in-depth knowledge in sophisticated GPS tracking technology to new heights. Our proficient and adept team of 85 experts has acquired an extensive work experience in advanced technology and telecommunication, not to mention that they constantly go above and beyond to generate visionary and innovative ideas. The success of Softcom LLC is reflected through 65000 completed projects, backed by the testimonials of our esteemed clients and the ever-growing professionalism of our hardworking experts.
We strive to achieve excellence and global presence in the field of GPS tracking by building a creative and innovative technology that fulfills all the diverse needs and requirements of our clients, and exceeds their expectations.

We aim at providing high quality GPS tracking software by employing a client-focused strategy, along with sheer dedication and communication. This approach is what makes us the first preference of our clients, in addition to our ability to push the conventional standard of GPS tracking technologies.
The field of technology is ever-changing, which puts innovation and evolution at the core of our business. For this reason, our company is founded on the drive to continuously learn, develop our knowledge and polish our skills in order to remain market leaders and stay ahead of the competition in this ever-advancing market.
We attribute our success to our core Values:

  • Performance: We focus on steadily functioning and evolving with the right mindset in order to achieve business excellence.
  • Innovation: We continuously move forward with new innovative and advanced technologies, and emphasize on operating more effectively.
  • Transparency: We value honesty, ethics and trust. Our clients trust us to operate with transparency by adopting open and clear communication.
  • Respect: Respect, openness and responsiveness are at the core of our company when engaging with both clients and employees.
  • Clients First: We adopt a client-centric strategy that enables us to make every business-related decision and measure every outcome based on how well it serves our clients.