F.A.Q. TeraTrack GPS Tracking Platform
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GPS is the Global Positioning System and it works by using a network of about 30 satellites constantly orbiting the Earth. These satellites send regular signals, and your GPS device determines your location by calculating how long it takes to receive these signals from at least 4 GPS satellites.
A GPS tracking software is a tool you can use to interpret GPS location data so that you can easily see where your tracked object or person is, usually in real time. The GPS tracking software will need a GPS tracking device, either a GPS tracker or smartphone, in order to work.
A GPS tracking server is a server that stores the recorded location data from a GPS tracking device. Location data can be stored on the GPS tracker itself, or you can send it to a GPS tracking server where it is displayed on a map, and viewable from your phone or computer.
A GPS tracking system works by using the 30 satellites in the Global Positioning System network. These satellites send regular signals, and a GPS tracking device, such as your phone or a dedicated GPS tracker, calculates location by how long it takes to receive the signals form various satellites.
GPS fleet tracking is a process that uses GPS tracking devices to track fleet vehicles for various reasons. Normally, GPS fleet tracking allows companies to see the real-time location of their fleet vehicles, but they are also able to manage fuel costs and effective driving behavior.
You can easily track your car with GPS by using a GPS tracker. Some GPS trackers connect to your car through the OBDII port if you want to get all your car's data. Others allow you to hide the GPS tracker where no one can find it.
The best place to put a GPS tracker on a car is near a seat (below it, behind it, or between two seats). You can also place it in the glovebox or the center console. But the best place is outside the car, for magnetic GPS trackers .
A GPS tracker needs a SIM card in order to send the GPS positions to a separate device, such as your phone or computer. This allows the GPS tracker to automaticlaly connect to the best network for precise localization, allowing you to track the object in real time.
The best tracking device for a car is probably a Teltonika or TrackingFox car tracker. These brands have reliable, high-quality trackers that can give you the exact location of your car anytime, plus other important features for your car's protection.This includes geolocation tracking, overspeed and ignition alerts, and much more.
The best real time GPS tracking device is probably a Teltonika, Meitrack or Coban GPS tracker. These brands produce high-quality devices with real time GPS tracking accurate to within a couple of feet, and long-lasting batteries. This means you can track any person or object easily and reliably.

The best fleet tracking software is TERATRACK fleet tracking and management software. This allows you to not only track your fleet vehicles in real-time, but also to resolve billing disputes with accurate records, increase fleet efficiency, reduce fuel costs and liability, lower maintenance costs, and much more.

Fleet management software allows businesses all over the world to see the real-time location of their fleet vehicles. Besides that, fleet management software like TERATRACK helps businesses to reduce theft, prevent unauthorized usage, increase their fleet efficiency, reduce costs and liability, resolve billing disputes, and much more.

Vehicle telematics are used for getting the location data of a vehicle, as well as other on-board diagnostics. That way, users can also see the vehicle's exact location, its speed, and other behaviors to get a better understanding of vehicle. This helps prevent theft, but also gives businesses control of their vehicles.
A telematics company provides individuals or businesses solutions to monitor their vehicles or fleets. This is done by using GPS locaiton tracking and wireless communication, plus an optional system control. This helps businesses to improve safety, reduce operational costs, and increase the efficiency of their fleets.

You can track a cell phone location by using TERATRACKER application. You'll be able to see the real-time location of the cell phone at any time.

You can track Android cell phone by using TERATRACKER app. All you need to do is simply download it and you'll easily see the GPS location of your Android cell phone anytime, anywhere.

If you want to track a family members iPhone, you'll need to get the TERATRACKER app. Once you install the app, you'll be able to see their real-time location anytime. You can also get alerts for when they leave or enter their school, work or home, and much more.

TERATRACKER is the best family locator app, available for both Android and iOS. It lets you track your family in real-time, get alerts when they leave home or school, or when their battery is low, see when they speed, and even helps get them active with daily step challenges.

You can track a family members location easily with the TERATRACKER App. Simply install the app into your family members' devices, and you'll be able to see their location in real-time. You'll also get alerts for when they leave school or home, when their battery is low, and much more.

Family Locator works by giving you the real-time locations of your family members whenever you want it. After you install TERATRACKER app on each family member's device, you'll not only get their GPS locations, but also alerts when they leave school or home, if they speed while driving, and much more.

You can track your child with TERATRACKER app. This app works for both Android and iOS phones, and allows you to easily see their real-time location, know when they've left or entered school or home, their 30-day location history, low battery alerts, and much more.

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All GPS trackers, must be configured before start tracking them online. Look at full list of TERATRACK supported GPS trackers here, and find out if your device is there, if not please contact us. And please follow guidelines below:

  1. Buy SIM card with internet plan.
  2. Remove SIM card?s PIN code. Click here to see how to do it on: iOS, Android, Windows Mobile
  3. Insert SIM card in to the GPS Tracker.
  4. Configure your GPS Tracker to send data to TERATRACK servers. Configuration examples can be found here. Also, please set timezone to 0.
  5. Your GPS Tracker is ready to send data!

Just read the documentation and start tracking with ease!

You can track literally everything: vehicle, person, pet, mobile, bike, boat, cargo etc.

All features shortly described here.

Yes, TERATRACK software works in all countries. For the best software performance we have allocated GPS servers and data centers across all regions.Therefore, we have over 120k happy users all around the world.
Yes, software is translated into 30+ languages.

TERATRACK software supports most GPS trackers brands, see full list. If your tracker is not listed, please contact us, and we will make it compatible with the software.

Yes, TERATRACK software supports vide range accessories and sensors: drivers identification, camera, microphone, battery sensor, ACC ON/OFF, door ON/OFF, engine ON/OFF, fuel tank sensor, GSM sensor, odometer sensor, satellites sensor, tachometer, temperature sensors etc.

Sensors setup manual here.

TERATRACKER app would be the best choice.

Yes, TERATRACK platform is universal and full of powerful features. You can track literally everything: car, van, truck, person, cell phone, pet, bike, boat, cargo etc.

Yes, you can get access to the business demo server and try all features, admin panel, connect and test your trackers and many more. Request your free trial here.

You will be having full branding on the platform and mobile apps to match your cie identity.

Yes, you will get free marketing material.

For the best performance, we have allocated servers across all regions. GPS server 99.99% uptime guarantee.

Operating System: Linux CentOS 7 - 64bit.

1-100 devices - 1 Core CPU, 3GB Memory, 10GB HDD/SSD, Bandwidth: 1Mbit/s

1-500 devices - 2 Core CPU, 6GB Memory, 20GB HDD/SSD, Bandwidth: 4Mbit/s

1-1000 devices - 2 Core CPU, 8GB Memory, 40GB HDD/SSD, Bandwidth: 10Mbit/s

1-3000 devices - 4 Core CPU, 16GB Memory, 60GB HDD/SSD, Bandwidth: 20Mbit/s

1-6000 devices - 8 Core CPU, 32GB Memory, 100GB HDD/SSD, Bandwidth: 40Mbit/s

1-10000 devices - 8 Core CPU, 64GB Memory, 200GB HDD/SSD, Bandwidth: 100Mbit/s

No. Our engineers will setup and run GPS tracking software for you.

GPS Tracking Software will be installed, customized, after we receive payment in 1-2 working days. Additional training and branding changes will be implemented afterwards.

Android app branding usually takes 1-2 business days. After the app is branded, you will receive APK file, which you will upload to Google Play and it will be published live immediately. iOS app branding and publishing usually takes from 2-7 business days, since Apple reviews all new apps and sometimes it takes up to 1 week. Submission to App Store is done by our developers.

TERATRACK. Click here. All these apps can be branded for you with your name, logo etc.

Yes, you can order branded apps and other extra options later.

Yes. Charge your customers for services.

Yes, you will be able to create third-party applications using our simple API.

Yes, you can contact our expert developers and they will coach you accordingly.