Tera Track - User guides
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You can edit which widgets you would like to see on your main map using Setup.

By disabling 'Default widgets' you can make an addition or remove them.

The selected widgets will appear on the bottom of the main map:



The object widget displays the devices information, such as the address, time, stop duration and the driver occupying the vehicle.


It shows all of the added sensors for the vehicle - fuel level, ignition status, current speed. Many more sensors can be setup and displayed.

Device image

The device image widget provides the ability to add the vehicles image on the main map. To upload the image of the device, select the "upload" button in the top right corner of the widget and upload the image that you would like to be displayed.


This widget displays all of the maintenance services created and due date/interval for the object. A guide is available explaining how to create such services in the Tools: Maintenance page.


Street view

The Street view widget shows the objects current location from Google Street view.


Displays more detailed information about the objects location, such as the city, road name, house number if parked close and the ZIP/Postal code.

Device camera

Shows the latest photo taken by the GPS tracker with a built-in or with a connected IP camera.


Displays a graph of the fuel level. Data displayed is gathered from the fuel sensor.