Tera Track - User guides
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Global parameters

Global parameters are used in Admin panel -> Setup -> Tracking ports. Click edit near the port number and input parameter name and value below in the "Extra" section.
Available parameters:
  • ignoreFixTime / true or false - mostly used for Queclink devices, if you experience "Jumps" in history, please set this value to false.
  • extended / true or false - for xexun protocol only
  • can / true or false - for aplicom protocol only
  • hbm / true or false - suntech protocol
  • includeAdc / true or false - suntech protocol
  • timeout / 1-9999 - connection timeout value in seconds. Because sometimes there is no way to detect lost TCP connection, old connections stay in open state. On most systems there is a limit on number of open connection, so this leads to problems with establishing new connections when number of devices is high or devices data connections are unstable.
  • timeoverride / true or false - once enabled, gps tracker time will be decoded the same as server time, this will fix the issue if tracker is always sending incorrect date and time.