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Top Fleet Tracking and Management Software

More and more professionals are turning to TERATRACK to help them improve their operations, safeguard their fleets, and manage their employees.

So what exactly makes this software so great? Let’s look at 8 reasons why professionals are choosing TERATRACK fleet tracking and management software every single day.

1. It’s pretty easy to use

From the simple, clean layout, to the easy-to-find tabs and buttons, professionals can learn to use the TERATRACK software in just a few minutes. In fact, the software’s great usability earned 3 awards from FinancesOnline, including the Great User Experience Certificate.

It also earned the Experts Choice Award for its high quality and the Supreme Software Award for the highest possible level of service.


2. It has clear pricing

TERATRACK’s pricing is simple and straightforward, starting from only €99/month for tracking 1-100 objects with no contracts, plus the option to cancel or upgrade at any time. Even better, the lifetime plan, which allows for unlimited object tracking, requires just a one-time payment and you’re good to use it forever.


3. It’s a universal software

TERATRACK tracks objects accurately, effectively, and smoothly. No matter what size the fleet is – from 1 to 100,000 objects – TERATRACK will work for you. No matter what business or industry you’re in – from consumer tracking, to security, to transportation or NGOs – TERATRACK will work for you.

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Government & Defence
Family & People

4. It’s compatible with any tracker or sensor

Connected to TERATRACK’s ability to work with any industry or size fleet is the fact that it can connect with any tracker or sensor on the market.

TERATRACK works closely with the biggest GPS tracker manufacturers and supports 900+ GPS tracking devices and sensors. It’s easy to integrate new or custom GPS trackers to work with the software.

5. It has a lot of powerful features

Of course, one of the biggest reasons that customers love the TERATRACK software so much is the wide variety of features that are offered. These are some of the most-loved features:

  • integration of fleet data in enterprise applications, like CRM, ERP, payroll, dispatching and more
  • infield life picture capture to capture real-time images through a connected camera with GPS tracker
  • the ability to manage multiple users and permissions
  • customizable scheduled maintenance plans (such as mileage, operating hours or time lapse) for any vehicle
  • easy communication with drivers and field data capture using the mobile GPS tracker
  • the ability to monitor driver activity using the iButton/RFID
  • reports in multiple formats with data on driving hours, stopovers, distance traveled, fuel consumption, etc.
  • instant notifications about object entering/leaving a geo-zone, speeding, stopovers, etc.
  • the ability to check fuel level and fuel consumption, as well as aggressive driving behaviors

6. It has powerful mobile applications

TERATRACK has a wide range of mobile tracking applications to meet any business needs. Upon request, our developers can produce custom apps specifically for your business.

7. It has a customizable design

TERATRACK customers can customize the design of the software for their brand. They can customize the login window, change the template, the colors of the program or app, add their logo.

There’s also the ability to request custom features to meet any business needs.

8. There’s a free training, setup and 24/7 tech. support

TERATRACK offers not just free setup and updates, but also free trainings to help customers and their teams get familiar with the fleet tracking and management software. Not only that, but the free international 24-hour tech support means that customers get their questions answered on time, any time.

Free setup

Free updates

Free trainings

International 24/7 tech. support

In fact, there are over 100,000 satisfied users all around the world that have discovered the power, flexibility, consistency and support of TERATRACK.

Want to experience TERATRACK for yourself? Sign up for our 30-day free trial.